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DIY preservative - microporous - 5 star

5 star preservative, 2-5 years, ROSE PINK, 10 litres

DIY preservative - microporous - 5 star

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£109.00 per 10 litres

Our best microporous wood preservative with a water based acrylic and alkyd formula. The microporous coating is flexible and durable. It includes hardwearing polyurethane derived from linseed oil, a sustainable resource. The resilient finish is water resistant with a UV protective coating. Recommended for smooth planed timber only, this high build formulation ensures that each extra coat increases the colour and sheen. Two coats are recommended with a further coat after 2-5 years. An extra coat ensures a more opaque finish. One litre covers approximately 6 to 10 square metres. Coverage varies according to the smoothness and porosity of the timber so you should order more than you need. On average five litres covers an 8x8 shed with two coats and ten litres covers a 16x8 with three coats. Colours are only as accurate as reproductive techniques allow. Prices include free mainland delivery to England, Wales and southern Scotland.