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Solar powered string lights

String lights, 150 LEDs, solar powered, up to 8 hours per night

Solar powered string lights

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£19.00 each

These solar powered string lights feature 150 white LED light bulbs and provide an attractive way to illuminate your garden. The cable is approximately 52' long (15.9m) with approximately 4" spacing (100mm) between each LED bulb. The cable can be draped over trees and shrubs, garden buildings and other outdoor structures such as fencing and walls. Installation is easy, with no mains wiring. During the day the solar panel converts daylight into electricity and recharges the main AA battery.

The lights automatically turn on at dusk and an inbuilt timer turns them off again 8 hours later. If the rechargeable battery runs flat during this time a standard non-rechargeable AA battery automatically takes over to ensure continuous operation. The lights can be set to one of three modes: constant, flashing or twinkle.

The solar panel is weatherproof and suitable for outside use. It can be positioned on the roof of a timber building such as a shed or a log cabin or inserted in the ground using the ground spike supplied. The cable supplied is only a few millimeters thick so it will pass through narrow gaps. The cable is approximately 52' long (15.9m) with approximately 4" (100mm) spacing between each LED bulb. The rechargeable battery is included together with all fixings and instructions.

Running time depends on the exposure of the panel to the sun and it varies with the seasons. Longer summer days provide the best charge. Sunny weather provides more charge than cloudy weather. For maximum running time the solar panel should be positioned in full sunlight away from cover or shade.

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