Platform Play Centre 318 - With Slide and 2 Swings

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Platform Play Centre 318 - With Slide and 2 Swings
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Pictures 1-4 show the standard play centre. Pictures 5 and 6 show optional accessories.


This premium quality platform play centre is 17'1"x15'11" (5.2x4.85m) and accommodates up to 13 children. It features a 4'x4' playhouse on an 8'x8' platform. The platform is approximately 4'9" high (1.45m) with a ladder and strong safety rails. A 2.9m long slide and 2 swings are also included. The playhouse design features window shutters and an attractive boarded roof. The platform features ex 3"x3" (70x70mm) posts with strong framing. The floor and vertical safety rails are substantial 3/4" (18mm) thick boards. Handle grips, cover caps and fixings are included. Options include a telescope, binoculars, a pirate's wheel, a driving wheel and alternative swing seats including a baby seat and a growing toddler seat. Safe base options include bark and rubber chippings. Detailed instructions are supplied for DIY self assembly.

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  • These play centres conform to European health, environmental and safety regulations for domestic use including CE Safety Certification and compliance with EN71 and BS5665.
  • Maximum 13 children at the same time
  • Maximum weight 50kg per child
  • Immersion treatment in brown preservative included as standard
  • Scandinavian redwood or whitewood
  • Smooth planed timber with rounded edges throughout for enhanced safety
  • Foolproof door and shutter safety closing ensures that little fingers cannot be trapped
  • Platform 4'9" high (1.45m) with substantial posts, framing, boards and safety rails - see detailed specifications below
  • Playhouse with tongued and grooved roof - see detailed specifications below
  • Double swing - see detailed specification below
  • 2.9m long slide in rigid self supporting injection moulded HDPE
  • Slide is easily converted into a water feature with a standard garden hose
  • Moulded handle grips with galvanized fixings and plastic covers
  • Plastic cover caps for main fixings
  • Base anchors included, pre-drilled galvanized steel corner pegs, supplied complete with fixings
  • Recommended clearance around the structure 6'7" (2000mm)
  • Overall width including swing frame 17'1" (5200mm)
  • Overall depth including slide 15'11" (4850mm)
  • Overall height 10' (3050mm)
  • Overall weight 552kg
  • Engineered timber supplied as individual components, not prefabricated panels
  • All components are cut to size. No cutting is required during assembly.
  • All critical holes, for example in the framing, are pre-drilled in the factory for safety and convenience
  • Boards are not pre-drilled - boards can be fitted without drilling holes using a powered screwdriver.
  • Screwdriver bits and drill bits included


  • Maximum 11 children at the same time, including 2 in the playhouse
  • Substantial ladder with tubular steel rungs powder coated in different colours
  • Decorative safety rails with substantial handrails
  • Ex 3"x3" vertical support posts (finished size 70mm x 70mm)
  • Ex 2.5"x1.5" floor joists (finished size 58mm x 32mm)
  • Ex 2.5"x1.5" hand rails (finished size 58mm x 32mm)
  • Ex 2.5"x1.5" horizontal framing (finished size 58mm x 32mm)
  • Ex 2.5"x1.5" ladder uprights (finished size 58mm x 32mm)
  • Ex 5"x1" horizontal braces and cover trims (finished size 120mm x 18mm)
  • Ex 5"x1" vertical safety rails (finished size 120mm x 18mm)
  • Ex 5"x1" floor boards (finished size 120mm x 18mm)
  • Platform width 8'4" (2530mm)
  • Platform depth excluding slide and ladder 9' (2750mm)
  • Platform height 4'9" (1450mm)
  • Platform height including safety rails 6'9" (2050mm)


  • Maximum 2 children at the same time
  • Ex 4"x3/4" overlapped wall cladding (finished size 90mm x 16mm)
  • Ex 4"x3/4" tongued and grooved roof boards (finished size 90mm x 16mm)
  • Ex 4"x1.5" corner posts (finished size 90mm x 35mm)
  • Ex 2.5"x1.5" vertical framing (finished size 58mm x 32mm)
  • Ex 2.5"x1.5" horizontal framing (finished size 58mm x 32mm)
  • Ex 2.5"x1.5" roof purlins (finished size 58mm x 32mm)
  • Prefabricated plywood door 1'10"x3'5" (550mm x 1050mm)
  • Prefabricated plywood shutters
  • Window opening approximately 12"x12" (300mm x 300mm)
  • Prefabricated triangular gable panels
  • External width of walls 3'11" (1200mm)
  • External length of walls 3'11" (1200mm)
  • External width of roof 5'4" (1630mm)
  • External length of roof 4'6" (1370mm)
  • External ridge height excluding platform 5'7" (1700mm)
  • External eaves height excluding platform 4'1" (1250mm)
  • Internal ridge height excluding platform 5'3" (1600mm)
  • Internal eaves height excluding platform 3'11" (1200mm)

Double swing

  • Maximum 2 children at the same time
  • Ex 4"x4" main beam (finished size 90mm x 90mm)
  • Ex 3"x3" main framing (finished size 70mm x 70mm)
  • Ex 5"x1" braces (finished size 120mm x 18mm)
  • Main beam fixed with powder coated welded steel brackets
  • Moulded standard swing seat with ropes and galvanized steel fittings
  • Moulded trapeze swing with ropes and galvanized steel fittings
  • External width 9' (2750mm)
  • External depth 8'4" (2550mm)
  • External height 7'3" (2200mm)

SCANDINAVIAN REDWOOD OR WHITEWOOD: The most widely used timber in the UK for years, Scandinavian Redwood and Whitewood grow in the well managed forests of Scandinavia and the coldest parts of Northern Europe. The cold climate ensures slow growth. The growth rings are much closer together than faster growing trees from warmer climates. As a result the timber is heavy and durable with a close grain pattern. The wood is seasoned and kiln dried to achieve the correct moisture content before it is machined. Redwood and Whitewood are so similar in appearance and performance that it is difficult to tell the difference. Both are classified as slightly durable and treatment is required for outside use. The forests of Scandinavia and Northern Europe have been responsibly managed on a sustainable basis for centuries so Scandinavian Redwood or Whitewood is an enviromentally friendly choice.

ENGINEERED TIMBER - THE BENEFITS This premium play equipment is offered at a fraction of the cost of comparable fully installed systems. The high quality kit is a modern engineered timber product, which has more in common with a precision engineered metal kit than a conventional timber garden structure. The manufacturing is more sophisticated and precise with better quality components. Precisely machined and pre-drilled where required, the individual components are neatly packed for efficient delivery with no large, cumbersome and fragile prefabricated panels. A powered screwdriver is recommended. Detailed step by step instructions show where every component and every fixing is used. All components are precisely cut to size. All critical holes are pre-drilled in the factory for safety and convenience. Fitting is a simple and straightforward project for a DIY enthiusist with no significant challenges and the finished structure will be universally admired.

SAFETY FIRST: This wooden play centre is as safe as practically possible and strong enough to withstand normal play. Screws and nails are recessed into the wood with no points or sharp edges protruding. The platform is strong enough to support the weight of several children. The ladder width and rung spacing ensures safe and comfortable use. The safety balustrade is strong enough to withstand children falling against it with gaps narrow enough to prevent a child falling through. The preservative used complies with BS5665/EN71 part 3. This play centre is for domestic use and suitable for children aged 3 to 10 years and weighing less than 50kg. It is not suitable for children under 3 years old due to possible health and safety hazards. Adult supervision is required at all times.

SIZES - LENGTH AND WIDTH: The sizes listed alongside the price are the overall external play centre dimensions including all features such as slides and ladders. The dimensions are measured as a rectangle across the widest points. A safe area should be allowed around the play centre, especially in front of ladders and slides and on both sides of swings and climbing frames.

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