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Two Storey Playhouse 221 - Upstairs to one Side

Two Storey Playhouse 221 - Upstairs to one Side
The pictures show the standard playhouse. Picture 1 shows what may be achieved using coloured preservatives.


This budget priced children's playhouse is 7'x5' and includes an integral loft with balustrade and ladder. Standard features include three Georgian style windows with safety glazing and decorative shutters and window boxes to the front windows. Other features include a single hinged door with safety hinges and shiplap tongued and grooved wall cladding. Detailed instructions are supplied for DIY self assembly.

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  • These children's playhouses have CE Safety Certification (conforms to European health, environmental and safety regulations). Complies with BS5665 EN71
  • All wooden playhouses include immersion treatment in brown preservative as standard
  • Upstairs platform with balustrade and ladder
  • Single hinged door with piano style continuous safety hinge
  • Georgian style glazing
  • 2 non opening front windows each with window box and decorative artificial shutters
  • 1 non opening side window
  • Perspex safety glazing
  • 12mm deal shiplap wall cladding (finished size after machining)
  • Planed deal framework 27mm x 32mm (finished size)
  • OSB floor and roof boards (oriented strand board)
  • Mineral felted roof
  • Ridge height 6'8" (2040mm)

SAFETY FIRST: This wooden playhouse is as safe as practically possible and strong enough to withstand normal play. Door hinges include a gap large enough to prevent trapping a child's finger as the door closes. Doors are non locking and easily opened with little force. Screws and nails are recessed into the wood with no points or sharp edges protruding. Any glazing in doors or windows is perspex safety glazing. No decorative lead is applied to the glazing. The loft area is strong enough to support the weight of several children. The ladder width and rung spacing ensures safe and comfortable use. The safety balustrade is strong enough to withstand children falling against it with gaps narrow enough to prevent a child falling through. The preservative used complies with BS5665/EN71 part 3. This playhouse is for domestic use and suitable for children aged 3 to 10 years and weighing less than 50kg. It is not suitable for children under 3 years old due to possible health and safety hazards. Adult supervision is required at all times.

SIZES - DEPTH AND WIDTH: The sizes are listed alongside the price. The first dimension listed is the width and the second dimension is the depth. The width refers to the angled gable walls at the front and rear including the door wall. The depth refers to the side walls. The sizes listed are the external wall sizes. These sizes do not include the roof overhang. Many other suppliers quote the overall roof size which is much larger.

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